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Blockchain, Fundamentals and Futures




2 Days - TBD

About the Course

Blockchain - Fundamentals and Future Public blockchain technology and NFTs have exploded over the last few years as a means for speculative investors to make it big or get 'REKT'. While finance and digital art have found a place leveraging the early adoption of blockchain due to the immutability, security, transparency, and speed of a distributed ledger, they are not the only sectors who can benefit from these characteristics. Industries who will adopt and benefit from blockchain in the future are those which rely on transparency, verification, or a trusted intermediary to support the delivery of their outcomes. Defence, Healthcare, Education, Elections, Travel, Real-estate and the Creator Economy can all benefit with the right blockchain backed tools and applications in the future.

Target Audience The following audience will benefit from this course:

  • Government personnel looking to employ blockchain technology

  • Businesses looking to implement blockchain or add blockchain services to your offering

  • Consultants in looking to deliver contemporary advice to clients

  • STEM students looking to supplement current learning

  • Technology enthusiasts looking to broaden their understanding

  • Entrepreneurs looking to target blockchain opportunities

Course Overview The Blockchain Fundamentals and Futures training course is designed to provide participants with a well-rounded understanding of fundamental blockchain concepts, current implementation and future use cases. The intent of the course is to increase participants' exposure to blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology past the overly hyped cryptocurrency use case and onto how blockchain can be used to solve real government and business problems in many industries and sectors. The training will be conducted over two days, facilitated by an instructor in an engaging face-to-face environment. The two days are separated by a week break to allow the fundamental content to germinate before engaging with the future use cases. A follow on practical course can be booked separately. On completing the course, participants will have the key information needed to confidently progress blockchain based initiatives within their organisation - equipped with the core knowledge of:

  • Blockchain fundamentals

  • Examples and test cases of current implementation

  • Tools to assess the viability of blockchain as the preferred solution

  • Key industries where blockchain will be the disruptive technology in the near future.

Two Days of Content Day 1 - Blockchain Fundamentals - 24th of November

  • Module 1: What is Blockchain

  • Module 2: Blockchain Ecosystems

  • Module 3: Smart Contracts and NFTs

Day 2 - Blockchain Futures - 25th of November

  • Module 4: Coins, Tokens and Economics

  • Module 5: Blockchain for Government and Business

  • Module 6: Blockchain Use Cases

Course Syllabus Please contact us for a copy of the Course Syllabus

Prerequisites As this course is training Blockchain fundamentals, there are no prerequisites for this course. Completion of this course is required to attend the follow-on practical course.

Assessment and Certificate There is no examination for this course. Participants of both days will receive a Certificate of Attainment on completion of the course.

Course Materials Participants will receive a course manual with presentations and reference materials.

Your Instructor

Adam Rawlings

Adam Rawlings

Adam is one of two of Meikai's Directors. He is a systems engineer who is dedicated to supporting forward thinking government officials deliver complex technology change. He has spent the decade+ supporting Defence to implement transformational change in the way it uses simulation as a disruptive technology. His qualification and experience in engineering, education, capability development, leadership and stakeholder management provide him the tools in his belt to progress seemingly impossible programs. His current Project of Passion is identifying how emerging blockchain technology can move past cryptocurrency and support the Australian Government deliver outcomes for all Australians.

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