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A Look Back at 2022!

Let’s have a look at what Meikai was up to during 2022.

2022 was an incredible year for the Meikai Group. 2022 saw the introduction of many new and exciting initiatives, the growth of our professional services portfolio, new team members, and more. This was only the beginning and we are expecting 2023 to be a very busy year.

Here is a recap of the year:

New Website

Meikai went through redevelopment and improvement of its website. Meikai redesigned the website and added many new features. On our website, you can read about our team, our services, our expertise, and our projects, stay up to date with news and apply to any open positions.

Social Media

One of Meikai’s goals in improving our engagement was to revive its LinkedIn page. In 2022, Meikai posted about the conferences and events we attended, new partnerships, new Industry Skilling courses, an educational blog series, celebrated the achievements of our team, and more. Meikai’s webpage saw 31,479 post impressions and added 261 new followers.

New team members

This year, Meikai welcomed new blood. Meikai welcomed our Engagement Officer Zachary Jorge and Data Science Intern @Milica Gallardo Petkovich. Both bring youth and unique experiences to the team. In 2023, we will be bringing in 5 new team members.


In 2022, Meikai officially partnered with two organisations. In August, Meikai partnered with a technology company, GingrTech, to become the Asia-Pacific deliverer of their Award-winning ROCKET business simulation training platform.

Meikai also partnered with the Australian National University Engineering Student Association (ANU ESA). Our partnership with ANU ESA will help bridge the gap between the Australian National University’s computing and engineering students and the workforce.

Industry Skilling Courses

Meikai held its first industry skilling courses in Blockchain and Simulation Enabled Training Design. Both courses were a success with attendees from Defence, the Public Sector, Private Sector, and students. We will run more this year. Contact us on our enquires email, to register your interest in attending any of our courses.

Events and conferences

In 2022, Meikai was invited to and attended many events and conferences this year. Some of the events Meikai attended include AusTSec (Land Forces 2022), Military Communications and Information System Conference (MILCIS), PAX Australia, I/ITSEC (Florida, USA), Australian Defence Science and Technology and Research Summit (ADSTAR), and more.

Student Programs

The Future of Meikai is now! With the increase in the demand for Meikai’s services, it is important to bring more people into the team. For Meikai it is important to look to the future as well as our present. So, Meikai looked to training and bringing in the next generation of Engineers, Solutions Architects, and Program and Project Managers.

Firstly, Meikai participated in the ANU TechLauncher Program. In this program, Meikai had a team of 6 ANU Engineering and Computer Science students working on its Futures and R&D projects.

Meikai also held its first graduate program application round for 2023. Look out as we introduce our incoming graduate class. We are looking forward to having them on the team.

Below are some photos from 2022!

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