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Blockchain Fundamentals and Futures - Day 2

On Monday, 15th of August, Meikai continued its Blockchain Fundamentals and Futures Course. After exploring the fundamentals of Blockchain in Day 1, Day 2 focussed on the future of blockchain and the disruptive applications of of this emerging technology.

The course looked at topics such as smart contracts, NFTs, Oracles, Tokenomics, and the gaps in the use of Blockchain. We saw a lot of action in the workshop with participation and discussion. Using their newfound knowledge, the participants presented their analyses of potential use cases of blockchain to each other.

Day 2 concluded the Blockchain Fundamentals and Futures Course. This also saw the end of Meikai’s first workshop of its Industry Course Program. This course provided a lot of value for the course participants. For the Meikai team, they now have the base knowledge to provide value to existing and future contracts. For our ANU TechLauncher team, it provided them with knowledge that they would not have learnt in their university courses, and to support the development of their project.

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