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Partnership Announcement 📣

As one of Australia’s leading authorities on the application and integration of simulation for training, Meikai is thrilled to partner with the UK’s GingrTech to bring their award-winning ‘ROCKET’ business simulation training platform to Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Using game-based technologies to present real-world scenarios, in conjunction with Meikai’s collective simulation-based training knowledge, and proven experiential learning methodologies, these business simulations will help companies and organisations achieve real world problem-solving abilities, and meaningful outcomes.

Meikai can now deliver an effective foundation for driving and managing organisational change using experiential learning, collectively, remotely or as a hybrid engagement activity. The ‘ROCKET’ business simulation training platform, comprises of a range of interactive and stimulating applications including GoGreen.Inc, ChangeManagement.Inc and TeamWork.Inc. These applications can assist in addressing organisational challenges within a safe, accessible, targeted, and relevant learning environment.

If you’d like to know more about what Meikai and ROCKET can do for you and your organisation, please contact John.Welsh@meikaigroupcom or for more details.

Transform your organisation with Meikai; sometimes you win, every time you learn.

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