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Industrial, Mining, Commercial and Retail Industry

Rocket is a business simulation software suite that is designed to help organisations facilitate team development and recruitment on a flexible platform. For the Industrial, Mining, Communication and Retail Industry, Rocket presents a golden opportunity for organisations within these industries to enhance their recruitment and team development through a flexible platform that can be delivered in person or online. 


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What can Rocket do for you?

  • Rocket enables your organisation to test candidates on how well they can perform in a stressful environment.

  • Leverage serious games to assess a candidate's decision making skills in a fast paced environment. 

  • Rocket simulation suite will enable your organisation to have in house talent acquisition.

Why consider Rocket?

$5.8 Billion

is the amount Australian companies pay to talent acquisition companies per annum to find employees. 


of the Australian Workforce changes jobs and roles every 1-4 years.


of an employee's salary is the cost of hiring the wrong person. 

Trusted By These Organisations 

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