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Jason Mildon


As a Director of Meikai, Jason is dedicated to creating the type of company that attracts exceptional individuals. With over 21 years service as a Combat Engineer in the Australian Army, Jason knows first-hand what it’s like to be part of a hardworking, dedicated team of like-minded people which is why he and Adam Rawlings have made this a core philosophy at Meikai; how we do business is as important as what we do, and Jason is proud of our growing team and the people who make it what it is.

About Jason Mildon

After hanging up his Army boots in September 2019, Jason entered civilian life like many veterans – a jack of all trades and master of none but with a lifetime of mistakes and experience to back him. Having spent the first 18 years of his career in Regimental, Training and Operational postings, Jason spent the last 3 years learning the dark arts of Capability Management within Land Capability Division, Army Headquarters, specifically; combat engineer capability and next generation simulation training systems. As the Director Land Simulation in 2018 and Deputy Director Combat Support Program (2019), Jason was privileged to work at the highest levels within Land Capability Division. These postings provided him with a unique insight to the information requirements and methods of senior decision makers within Defence Capability, allowing him to hone his skills as a Program Manager and enhance his ability to generate/shape coherent capability narratives.

Upon swapping his uniform for Contractor 1C (Brown shoes, chinos and a blue button up shirt of some description…..checks for the more casual Friday look of course!) Jason sought to expand his knowledge and experience of Defence’s Delivery Agencies by joining the Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) as part of the Land Simulation Core 2.0 technical risk reduction team within their Simulation Program. More recently, he has returned to the Capability Manager fold and is currently overseeing the development of Army’s major capital investment project to deliver a next generation Land Domain training system that encompasses the Live, Synthetic, Learning and Human Performance domains.

What is his Project of Passion?

Beyond Defence, Jason is dedicated to helping people better understand where and how simulation-based systems could effectively and efficiently enhance their training continuums. His current Project of Passion, working with the Western Warriors and Perth Scorchers senior coaching staff to explore how virtual simulation could enhance their Human Performance edge, is one such example of this.

What does he like to do outside of the office?

When not in the office, Jason spends his time playing with his 10-month-old daughter- Hunter, throwing a stick for his faithful sidekick – Lily the Labrador – or enjoying a good meal and a beer with friends. His happy place is the bush and once the domestics are done, he can be found exploring the surrounding Rainforest or knocking around on his tractor and ZTR as he works his 7 acres on Tamborine Mountain. His ‘Jobs List’ is always growing and never done!

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