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Early Careers Programs

Start your career with us at Meikai.

Our Graduate, Cadetship and Internship Programs are designed to help guide you through the highly sought after and complex Defence environment.  

2023 Graduates

Graduate Program

Be a part of Meikai's growing family

Key Areas

At Meikai, you will be put into one of 2 streams:


1. Program and Project Management

Helping plan and implement complex ICT based programs and projects.

2. Engineering and Solutions Architecture

Elicitation and refinement of user needs and requirements for emerging and disruptive technology.

How the Graduate Program Works?

The Meikai Graduate program will run for 18-24 months in which time you will be provided with experience on customer projects in the following 3 domains; 

1. Simulation and C4I

2. Emerging Technology 

3. ICT and Integration

During your rotations, you will work with and be mentored by our highly experienced and knowledgeable team.   

Key Information

Key Dates

Application Open: TBD

Application Close: TBD

Down Selections and Interviews: TBD

Offer: TBD




Must be an Australian Citizen.

Must be eligible to hold a Security Clearance.

Must have completed an Undergraduate or post graduate degree in the last two years or graduate at the end of 2024.


Graduates need to be based in Canberra, ACT, Australia, for duration of the Graduate Program.

Note: Meikai does not provide a relocation allowance

What Are We Looking For?

Lifelong Learner 

Technology is continuously evolving, with new technology introduced to our daily lives at a rapid rate.  At Meikai you will be exposed to emerging and disruptive technologies that, by the nature of our business and our strong connection to Defence, may not be available to civilian companies.  As a graduate you will rotated through different projects that will force you to learn new things.  The defence industry is a unique and complex sector, so it is crucial that you can quickly adapt to the environment and are keen to learn and acquire new skills.  

Client Focussed

The core of our business is to provide our clients with solutions to their problems and challenges.  We strive to make the complex simple and the simple compelling.  We are looking for problem solvers and critical thinkers, who can think out of the box and bring innovative ideas.  We are also looking for those with great communication (verbal and written) and customer service skills.  


Our expertise is in emerging and disruptive technology.  We are looking for those that are studying or have studied in STEM, such as Engineering or Computer Science.  However, we also look for those with diverse backgrounds, such as Business, Management, Game Development and more.  

Lifelong Learner
Client Focussed
Learning and Development



Learning and Development

Meikai believes that if our employees improve and grow, so does the business.  We encourage our employees to continuously improve themselves, whether it be through courses, seminars or further studies to improve their professional acumen.  Meikai backs this philosophy by providing our full-time employees with a Professional Development allowance each year.  


During each of your graduate rotations, you will be mentored by a member of the Meikai team.  Each team member is highly qualified and are experts in their field.  They will provide you with the knowledge and skills to make sure you are prepared for the complex defence environment.  


Pay and recognition

You will be paid a competitive remuneration package plus 10.5% Super.  

The Hiring Process

Once we have reviewed your application we will invite you to a group activity.  Here you will be put through a simulation which will assess your skills behaviours and attitudes.


Group Activity



The first step in the hiring process, the application.  You will need to click on the 'Apply Now' Button and fill out the application form.

After the group activity, we will invite you to an interview.  Here is where we get to know you better, why you want to work with us and what you see as your passion for the future.  

Congratulations!  If you are successful, you will receive an Employment Offer outlining your remuneration and employment conditions. 

Graduate Program Official Brochure

What to know more about the Graduate Program? Click the button below to download our official Graduate Program Brochure

Meikai's Graduate Program Brochure.jpg

Life as a Graduate

Apply Now

If this is Graduate Program is for you, apply now, and Meikai will provide you with the experience in emerging and disruptive technology.

Internship Program

Internship Program

Are you still studying and looking for an opportunity to gain first hand experience in the Defence Industry?  Meikai is always looking for students who are passionate, innovative and keen to learn.  


University Work Experience Programs

Meikai participates in various university Work Experience programs. In these programs, you will work in teams and complete a project in emerging and disruptive technology.  Currently, we are participating in ANU's TechLauncher Program.  Lookout for these opportunities with your university or follow our LinkedIn.  

Internship Opportunities

If you are looking for an internship opportunity, apply here.  Let us know, why you want to intern with us and what you would like to do.  To be eligible, you need to be able to intern in Canberra.  We are looking for students who are studying STEM courses, such as Engineering and Computer Science, however we also look for those with diverse backgrounds.  

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