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ICT & Integration

As the modern day training and operating environments digitally evolve, the requirement to integrate ICT based systems and networks fundamentally underpins capability success. Cutting edge technology solutions employed within Defence and Big Business sectors have traditionally been adopted as standalone systems. With enhanced networking capacity and onboard compute, the desire to move towards a system of systems approach is a natural evolution. The question is no longer what do I need to meet my requirement, but rather, how do I build a system that meets my current and future needs. Here at Meikai we understand the practical realities that come with transformative technology projects and can help you navigate the necessary design considerations  to ensure your project or capability is effectively integrated from Day One. A simple, well thought through solution is the bedrock of any future ready system.


Transformational ICT Projects - From cottage industry to Enterprise level 

Evolving organisational and business needs are driving the move to rationalise and transition small standalone networks to more supported and ubiquitous enterprise environments. Energising this need is the introduction of cloud based data solutions, shared resources, virtualised environments and increased security requirements.

Uplifting smaller network systems is no small feat. Pushing your network needs into an enterprise environment must be a carefully considered activity and one that addresses your:


  • Information flow

  • Access requirements

  • Data storage needs

  • End point infrastructure capacity

  • End user compute 

  • Organisational network security requirements.  

Here at Meikai, our team of specialists have a wealth of experience uplifting training and operational networks at various security classifications to an Enterprise environment. We specialise in the 'Strategy and Concepts' and 'Risk Mitigation and Requirement Setting' phases of the project life cycle and can help you understand your need and develop the detailed requirements to transition your ICT system to an Enterprise environment.

Technology based Architectures

The term architecture is applicable to a range of different sectors, here at Meikai we specialise in Technology based architectures. These types of technology based architectures serve as a blueprint for how a network, system, or, system of systems should operate. A well thought through  architecture provides you with a mechanism to manage the complexity of the environment while establishing  communication/coordination mechanisms among its components.


A good architecture will help an organisation define its technical and operational components to ensure the system generates common attributes like performance and security. Understanding the structural elements, be it software, hardware or networks, and how they interface with the system or larger sub-systems is key to this definition.


At Meikai we believe good architectures should also be driven by  business objectives and the organisational need. A practical approach to combining the technical and business needs is essential to an architecture’s success and we have the right people to help you achieve this!

Web 3.0

Training System Integration and Design

Sitting above the ICT and architecture layer is training system integration and design. This design focuses on the practical end use of a system and is ultimately the key to translating technology to desired organisational output.


Training system integration and design is what Meikai does best. Our team of highly experienced specialists can analyse your organisational strategy, training needs and contributing systems to identify the constituent components, desired interfaces and most cost effective solution.


Here at Meikai our skill is developing integrating architectures that help you bring your systems together in one coherent solution. Out team of critical thinkers and specialists are ready to help you take your training system to the next level.

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