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Join our team at Meikai to help make a difference

Why Join Meikai

Our Culture

Our Values

Meikai’s Culture and Values is the core of our company, and it defines how we do our work. Our team strives to make the complex simple and the simple compelling. Here at Meikai we want to provide professional and trusted advice to our clients while ensuring we create a great place to work.   How we achieve our goals is as important as what we achieve. 


The Team

We are a very close knit team.  We believe that building a strong team culture is important for the success of Meikai. One day a week is dedicated for collaboration with the team at the Meikai Headquarters.  This allows us to share our experiences and knowledge from our projects, which provides new perspectives and help each other with our projects.  We also have a few days a year to discuss the business, which we call 'Meikai's Strategy and Culture Day'.  This gives a chance for everyone to provide their opinions on how things are going.  Lastly, we understand that we all need a break from work and to have fun as a team, so we have team activities throughout the year.  Have a look at our LinkedIn to see our team activities.  

Who we are looking for?  

Who we are looking for?


The work we do at Meikai is not the same as a typical consultancy agency.  We provide services on emerging and disruptive technology, which means you need to passionate about technology, are willing to go outside of your comfort zone and are always keen to learn.  

A majority of the work we offer is client facing.  We need people who are client focussed and have great communication (verbal and written) skills.  

Teamwork is very important for Meikai and it is a big part of our culture.  You will need to be able to collaborate with members of the team.  Discussion and sharing is how we develop personally and as a team. 



Meikai employs a matrix approach to how we are structured.  We are looking for people who have the expertise and experience in at least one discipline and one domain.  

  • Disciplines - Project and Program Management, Systems Engineers, Solutions Architects, Service Delivery


  • Domains – Simulation and C4I, Emerging Technology, ICT and Integration

Veterans' Employer

Meikai was founded by former members of the Defence Force as well as employing several more in various specialist roles.  We understand the unique skills and experiences that veterans bring to the workforce and aim to harness these niche capabilities within our core business.  We are proud to have signed a commitment with the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Program.  We are committed to continue to hire and support those who are looking to transition from military service to civilian life and are honoured to have them as part of our team. 

Click here to see our signed commitment to the Prime Minister's Veterans' Program.

Career Progression

Career Progression

At Meikai, we believe that our employees are the key to our success.  As an organisation we always seek to improve ourselves and we are devoted to ensuring we help our employees improve as well. We also know that our employees want to grow and progress within the company.  So, Meikai have a system to provide our employees with training and opportunities so they are able to progress their careers. 


We also want to make sure that our employees are happy with the projects that they are working on.  We will assign or move our employees to projects that will ensure that they reach their potential.

Rewards and Benefits

Professional Development

Professional Development

Our employees are the key to Meikai's success.  We believe that if our employees develop and grow individually, so does the business as a whole.  So, we encourage our employees to attend courses, seminars and further studies that will improve their professional acumen. Meikai commits to providing our full-time employees with a Professional Development allowance every year.  

Community Service Leave

Community Service Leave

Meikai believes that it is important that we give back to our community.  So we encourage our employees to give back to the community whenever possible. Meikai will provide our employees with Community Service Leave for the following activities: Community Service, Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserve Service, and Emergency Services or Volunteering.  

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

At Meikai, we recognise that flexibility is important to a successful workplace. As a majority of our work is client facing, the hours and location is usually set by the client.  However, we understand that people have family commitments, so we will do our best to accommodate where we can.

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