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Adam Rawlings


As a Director of Meikai he is committed to creating an organisation that supports the Government confidently implement emerging and disruptive technology. Providing engaging individuals and tailored teams that are trusted by our clients and admired for how we achieve outcomes.

About Adam

Adam is a Systems Engineer who is dedicated to supporting forward thinking government officials deliver complex technology change. He has spent the last decade+ supporting Defence to implement transformational change in the way it uses simulation as a disruptive technology. His qualifications and experience in engineering, education, capability development, leadership and stakeholder management provide him the tools in his belt to progress seemingly impossible programs.

What is his Project of Passion

His current Project of Passion is identifying how emerging blockchain technology can move past cryptocurrency and support the Australian Government deliver outcomes for all Australians.

What does Adam like to do outside of work?

When not working on tricky ICT related problems, Adam considers himself as a family man, snowboarder, mountain biker and camper. The mountains are his happy place, and he will always try to get a seat with a view of a mountain – be it in the office, boardroom, café, home or helicopter. #seatwithaview

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