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Aneka Henshaw


As a Cadet at Meikai, Aneka iscommitted to supporting projects within the R&D Futures Portfolio, exploring, and implementing emerging and disruptive technology. She will be engaging in projects that allow her to apply academic learnings in a practical environment, contributing to teams that are not only trusted by our clients but also respected for the innovative outcomes we achieve.

About Aneka

Aneka is studying a Bachelor of Engineering at the ANU, specialising in Mechatronics. Her degree has provided numerous opportunities to work on robotics projects through which she has discovered a love for programming. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to apply her knowledge in practice, learn from experts and contribute to projects that have real-world impacts.

What is her Project of Passion?

Her current Project of Passion is learning about the ethics of artificial intelligence and how we can use this technology to create innovative solutions for Defence projects.

What does she like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, Aneka enjoys rock climbing, cross country running and cooking. Her happy place is in the ocean, and she will always be up for a swim no matter the weather.

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