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Evan Schaefer

Service Delivery Specialist

As a Specialist of Meikai, Evan is committed to supporting the Government confidently implement emerging and disruptive technology. With a background in Simulation and IT Service Management (ITSM), he provides engaging Subject Matter Expertise within tailored teams that are trusted by our clients and admired for how we achieve outcomes.

About Ev

Evan is a specialist in ITSM and Simulation capabilities utilised in Military at both Joint and single service levels. Having spent the last 6+ years in the use and implementation of complex distributed simulation concepts in support of military training. He is well acquainted in the implementation and provisioning of both the ICT components and the necessary support concept’s required to provide Simulation as a Service. His qualifications and experience in the design, implementation and use of ITSM best practices and Simulation Management provide him the tools and experience to provide decision makers accurate and concise information on ITSM best practices or the provision of Simulation.

What is his Project of Passion?

His current Project of Passion is identifying how Simulation as a Service can standardised and designed for implementation into complex ICT environments whilst possibly enabled by additional emerging technologies, like blockchain, to support to the Australian Government in its use and management of simulation.

What does he like to do outside of work?

When not working on ITSM or Simulation related problems, Evan considers himself as a family man, an extreme sports enthusiast or an adventurer, taking his family camping or hiking in the wide outdoors. He’s happy place is either somehow getting his blood pumping and adrenaline flowing, making something with his hands in wood or metal, or just getting his hands dirty in the garden as he attempts to grow something.

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