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Karina Leslie

Business Relationship Officer

Please meet our Business Relations Officer (BRO) and Senior Consultant. Karina joined the Meikai Team in August 2020 and loves being part of a dynamic and passionate company that wants to do good things with good people! Karina is committed to building the Meikai vison to support Government to confidently implement emerging and disruptive technology. She does this both as our BRO and delivering client facing support; she embodies our goals of being trusted by our clients and admired for how we achieve outcomes.

About Karina

Karina is a highly dedicated BRO and provides vital support to Meikai team to develop robust and dynamic business executive and administrative functions. Leveraging her extensive experience in the Australian Government both domestically and internationally, her ability to build rapport and successful working relationships with colleagues and clients is based on her dedication, integrity, and professionalism. Karina is proud to have been a Liaison Assistant for Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) at the Embassy of Australia, Washington DC from 2007 – 2014. She was responsible for overseeing, initiating, and developing liaison relationships between the United States of America (USA) and Australian Commonwealth Government representatives.

Karina has recently returned to Defence after supporting the Department of Education, Skills and Employment as a Program Coordination Officer in the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Team. The SOE team worked tirelessly throughout the last two years to uplift to multiple departments to a new Protected environment, while supporting and enhancing the current SOE during multiple COVID-19 lockdowns and the change to remote working arrangements.

What is her Project of Passion?

Karina is a low-key security guru and is excited by all things security, DISP and AGSVA related. She is happy to help others with their security concerns and manages the Meikai DISP accreditation on behalf of our Directors, Adam and Jason. If you need help with #security then please reach out to us.

What does she like to do outside of the office?

While working at the Embassy of Australia, Karina met her husband and in 2014 relocated to the ACT with her family, that includes their treasured fur baby Kaycee. They enjoy the wonderful healthy work-life balance that Meikai has offered them and of course less traffic! She is passionate about supporting the work of the RSPCA and the vital role they play in the life of all fur creatures, and this also aligns with her love for baking cupcakes.

Standby for her participation and promotion of the RSCPA fundraising events such as the August Cupcake Day and May the Million Paws Walk.

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