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Phillip Cobden

Solutions Architect

As Meikai's Solutions Architect, Phillip is committed to supporting the Government confidently implement emerging and disruptive technology. Providing engaging Subject Matter Expertise within tailored teams that are trusted by our clients and admired for how we achieve outcomes.

About Phil

Philip is a dedicated solutions architect with over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology sector with a deep experience in specialist ICT from his years with large innovative companies such as Oracle and Hitachi.

Phillip started in the IT industry as a field service engineer and progressed through roles such as software consultant, systems manager, pre-sales systems engineer / architect and team leader. Phillip’s experience covers small to large projects and everything in between. He has worked on simple server deployments through to the design of complex integrated systems to support large scale applications such as the Australian Defence Force’s Core Simulation Capability (Joint Project 9711-1).

Phillip is a motivated professional with extensive contemporary experience in Defence’s Enterprise ICT thanks to his recent roles within the Defence’s Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG). He has proven skills in the development of complex solutions to support simulation-based network architecture and is highly respected in his field. Phillip’s strong work ethic is complimented by his motivation to excel.

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