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Timothy Rice

Graduate - Systems Engineering

As a Graduate Systems Engineer, Tim is committed to supporting projects within our Professional Services Portfolio, thereby assisting the government with the implementation of emerging and disruptive technology.

About Tim

Tim graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours from the The Australian National University.  He also has 10 years of experience working as a pharmacy assistant and medication deliverer.  His experiences have helped him develop a well-rounded balance between strategic thinking and interpersonal skills. 

During Tim’s degree his honours research report explored the 'Intersection Management for Autonomous and Human-Driven Vehicles.’ This report provided him with a strong understanding into these intricate issues whilst deepening his passion for emerging and disruptive technology.

What does he like to do outside of work?

When not developing his skillset or focused on complex engineering solutions, Tim enjoys PC gaming, traveling, and participating in alternative sports such as skiing, jugger and powerlifting.

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