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William Bax

Senior Analyst - C4I Systems

As a Specialist of Meikai he is committed to supporting the Government confidently implement emerging and disruptive technology. Providing engaging Subject Matter Expertise within tailored teams that are trusted by our clients and admired for how we achieve outcomes.

About Will

William is an ICT Specialist who is dedicated to supporting the entire government in creating innovative solutions for complex problem sets. He has spent the last decade+ assisting the defence sector in analysing intricate issues, identifying potential solutions, and making data-driven decisions to support national interests. He has also developed a strong understanding of the complexities required to train the workforce using modern and interactive techniques. His qualifications and experience in training, leadership, government, the ITIL framework, project management, and cybersecurity provide him with the expertise to potentially enhance the safety and security of the entire government.

What is his Project of Passion?

His current Project of Passion is to enhance and support the training requirements for whole of government to ensure it is efficiently and effectively delivered to its desired target audience.

What does he like to do outside of work?

William is a husband to Justine and a father to Ollie, Louie and Penelope. He is a simple man who likes doing simple things like Camping, fishing, and playing his guitar. If there is a crackling fire and a cold beverage on offer you will find him entertaining with a large genre of music.

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